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Virtual City Hall


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Property owners can now check their Property Tax account and pay their bills online with the introduction of the new Virtual City Hall system.

Register for your account at the following link: www.essex.ca/VCH

To activate your account, you will need your Tax Roll and Account Numbers, both of which are on your tax notice.

Please note, the convenience fee is currently being waived during the Virtual City Hall test period.

Step-by-step Registration Instructions

  1. Go to essex.ca/VCH
  2. Click "Activate your account."
  3. Fill out the required information. You can find your Roll Number and Account Number on your Property Tax Bill.
  4. Submit your information. You will receive an email to activate your account.
  5. Activate your account using the link in the email.
  6. Return to essex.ca/VCH and log-in using your account information.
  7. You can now check your account information and pay your Property Tax Bill by clicking the green pay button.
  8. Fill out your credit card information and submit. You will receive an emailed receipt once the payment has been processed.