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Municipal Elections

The 2018 Municipal Election took place on Monday, October 22, 2018 using a paper ballot system and optical scan vote tabulator machines for counting.

New Composition of Council

During this election, voters elected both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor at large. Ward boundaries remain unchanged, as do the number of Councillors to be elected in each ward:

  • Ward 1: Two (2) Councillors
  • Ward 2: One (1) Councillor
  • Ward 3: Two (2) Councillors
  • Ward 4: One (1) Councillor

Clerk's Role

The Clerk's Department conducts the municipal election, including compiling and finalizing the voters' list, providing public notification of the election process, establishing voting procedures, and tabulating and publishing election results.

Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee

The Municipal Elections Act requires Council to establish an Election Compliance Audit Committee. The committee performs duties related to the compliance audit application process. Find out more on the Election Compliance Audit Committee page.