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A number of municipal departments work together to deliver programs and services that are important to you.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides overall policy and operational support to the Mayor and Council. It also includes Human Resources and Communications.

Community Services

Community Services provides a wide range of recreational programs and services to meet a variety of needs and promote healthy and active living for people of all ages and abilities. It manages Parks and Facilities and Recreation and Culture.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is responsible for managing Finance and Business Services, Legislative Services (Clerk) and Licensing, and Information Technology.

Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue Services provides fire prevention, fire control and emergency medical care.

Infrastructure and Development

Infrastructure and Development ensures the Town of Essex is planned, developed, constructed and maintained to meet the current and long-range goals of our community. It manages Capital Works and Infrastructure, Drainage, Environmental Services, Operations, Building and By-law Enforcement, and Planning.