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Co-An Park Committee

The Co-An Park Committee was established pre-amalgamation by the former Township of Colchester North (now Town of Essex) and the former Township of Anderdon (now Town of Amherstburg). The Committee operates and maintains the park and its personnel.

The Committee is comprised of 1 Council member and 3 appointed members from the public for each municipality.

Meeting schedule

The Co-An Park Committee generally meets on the second Wednesday of each month. To be placed on the agenda, contact the Co-An Park Secretary by phone at 519-726-5434 at least 5 days before the next meeting.


Co-An Park is located on the 11th Concession, near McGregor, and contains a children’s play structure, picnic shelter, covered pavilion (for rent), six baseball diamonds, three soccer fields, tennis courts, washrooms and a canteen.

To book a Co-An Park facility or sports field, contact them by email or by phone at 519-726-5434.