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Boards and Committees

Citizen involvement is a key factor in the success of our boards and committees. The Town of Essex relies on many volunteers with a wide range of expertise to provide input and make recommendations on matters that affect the entire community.


The Town of Essex has a number of statutory and advisory boards and committees. Citizen appointments generally last for the full term of Council, but vacancies do arise from time to time. If you are interested in serving on one of the following Boards or Committees, watch the local newspapers for advertisements asking for applicants or contact the Clerk's Office.

Vacancies will be posted on the Employment page and application forms will be available at that time.

Committees of Council

The following 13 committees include public appointments.

A "best practices" document called Town of Essex Local Boards/Committees Procedures and Best Practices was adopted by Council in 2015 to act as a guide for committee and board volunteers and appointees during their term.

Standing Committees

There are three standing committees of Council:

  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Planning

Other Boards and Committees 

Town representatives also sit on boards and committees that exist beyond the scope of Essex Town Council. These boards and committees may be governed by other levels of government or governed jointly by several municipalities. They may also operate autonomously.

Town representatives sit on the following 8 external boards and committees: