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2014 Municipal Election Results

The official results for the 2014 municipal and school board elections are as follows:

Certificate of Election Results - Council (PDF)

Certificate of Election Results - English Public School Board (PDF)

Certificate of Election Results - English Separate School Board (PDF)

Certificate of Election Results - French Public School Board (PDF)

Election Results by Ward and Poll (PDF)

Mayor (Vote for 1)

Ron McDermott 2,619
Ron Rogers 2,392
Bill Baker 2,220
Andy Comber 619
Total Votes 7,850

Councillor Ward 1 (Vote for 2)

Randy Voakes 1,631
Steve Bjorkman 914
Phil Pocock 871
Morley Bowman 837
Brandon Chartier 626
Devon Jean LeBlanc 219
Total Votes 5,098

Councillor Ward 2 (Vote for 1)

Richard Meloche 668
Terry Brockman 455
Kim Verbeek 429
Total Votes 1,552

Councillor Ward 3 (Vote for 2)

Larry Snively 1,148
Bill Caixeiro 976
John Scott 969
Paul Innes 722
Brenda Dunn 539
Total Votes 4,354

Councillor Ward 4 (Vote for 1) - Acclaimed

Sherry Bondy Acclaimed

English Public School Trustee (Vote for 1)

Julia Burgess 2,818
Michelle Hedge 1,907
Jason Laba 526
Total Votes (Essex Only) 5,251

English Separate School Trustee (Vote for 1)

Mary Di Menna 1,095
Marian Stranak 549
Total Votes (Essex Only) 1,644

French Public School Trustee (Vote for 1)

Gerard Malo 5
Guillaume Teasdale 5
Zakaria Chemzari 2
Yoven Noyadoo 1
Total Votes (Essex Only) 13

French Separate School Trustee (Vote for 1) - Acclaimed

Didier Marotte Acclaimed

Financial Filings

Candidates for office are required to submit financial details of their campaign. Financial filings are made available to the public for a specified period of time on this website. The financial filings for the 2014 municipal election are provided below: