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Weed Control


By-law Enforcement

Town of Essex
2610 County Road 12
Essex, Ontario N8M 2X6
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T. 519-776-6476
F. 519-776-7171
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The Essex Weed Inspector responds to complaints about noxious weeds as identified by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) or by a Town of Essex by-law.

Complaints about long grass and non-noxious weeds are handled by the Town's By-law Enforcement Officers.

Nuisance weeds and tall grass

Property owners and occupants are required to cut and maintain tall grass to a height not exceeding 8 inches (20 centimeters), and destroy and remove all nuisance weeds and weed seeds. Town of Essex By-law Enforcement Officers may issue a Notice of Contravention requesting that long grass and/or weeds be destroyed. To find out more, consult By-law 1440 or contact our By-law Enforcement Office.

Noxious weeds list

The Weed Control Act of Ontario makes property owners responsible for destroying noxious weeds on their property, unless the Weed Inspector deems the weeds or weed seeds to be far enough away from any agricultural or horticultural land use so as not to interfere with that use.

View the OMAFRA website for detailed information. The Weed Gallery provides photographs of each noxious weed.

How to report noxious weeds

To report a violation of the Weed Control Act, contact the Town's Weed Inspector.

If a property owner fails to comply with the Act, the Weed Inspector may have the weeds destroyed and charge the costs against the land in taxes.

Pesticide use

The Town of Essex uses specific pesticides to control noxious weeds. A Public Notice of Pesticide Use is issued and published in the local newspapers in advance of pesticide applications.