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The Town of Essex maintains a system of urban and rural roads, many of them connecting with County and Provincial highways.

Speed limits

The speed limit within the urban areas of Essex is 50 kilometres per hour, unless otherwise posted.

The speed limit on rural roads is 80 kilometres per hour, unless otherwise posted.

Community safety zones

Community Safety Zone signA Community Safety Zone is a section of road or an intersection where public safety is of special concern. Traffic fines are higher within Community Safety Zones.

Traffic signs identifying Community Safety Zones are posted at the start and throughout the zone.

Speed limits near primary schools in the Town of Essex are reduced to 40 kilometres per hour to help protect our children. Drivers are encouraged to slow down and observe higher volumes of pedestrian traffic within a school zone.

Crossing Guards

Crossing Guard services are provided by the Town of Essex and are administered through the Clerk’s Office. To learn more, view our Crossing Guards page.