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Other Pets


Animal Control Officer

Don Bridgen 519-563-0003

For those residents who own or plan on acquiring a non-traditional pet, you should be aware that the Town does prohibit certain animal species through By-law 1236. Prohibited animal species include animals that:

a) are venomous or poisonous and whose venom or poison is medically significant to humans or domestic animals;

b) pose a real or potentially hazardous threat to humans, domestic animals or farm animals;

c) pose a real or potentially hazardous threat to the local eco-system;

d) are cited in the Control List as published by the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada;

e) are listed in Schedule B to By-law 1236, which list may be revised from time to time; and/or

f) are prohibited or controlled by federal or provincial legislation.

By-law 1236 does not include bees as defined in the Bees Act R.S.O. 1990 c. B.6.