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Kitchen Safety

Kitchen stove with stainless steel pot and utensils

Fires in the kitchen can create imminent danger for you and your family. To avoid kitchen fires, follow the safety tips provided by Essex Fire and Rescue.

Put a lid on it!

Keep a large lid near the stove when you’re cooking. If a pot catches fire, slide the lid over the pot and turn off the heat. Never pour water on a burning pot or try to move it to the sink.

Take care when frying

Never leave your stove unattended, especially if you’re using oil or high temperatures. An oil or grease fire can start in a flash, so keep a close eye on your pots. Use a deep fat fryer instead of a large quantity of oil in a pot.

Keep clothes out of reach

Roll up your sleeves when using the stove. A dangling sleeve can easily catch fire if it brushes a hot burner.

Extinguish the risk

Keep a multi-purpose fire extinguisher handy and only use on small, contained fires. Never allow the fire to get between you and your exit.

Clear the clutter

Cooking utensils, dishcloths, paper towels and pot holders can easily catch fire if left too close to a burner. Keep all combustible items a safe distance from the stove.

Snooze and lose

Many night time fires are caused by people attempting to cook while under the influence of alcohol. Keep a close eye on drinkers and install a smoke alarm on every level of your home.

Test your smoke alarms

Remember! It’s the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every storey of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Test your smoke alarms every month and change the batteries every time the time changes.

Barbecue safely

When lighting your propane barbecue, open the lid and strike the match or lighter before turning on the gas. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safe use and maintenance of your barbecue.