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House Numbering

The Building Department assigns all municipal addresses for homes and businesses.

In the case of new construction or new lot creation, the address is assigned at the time a building permit application is submitted.

For houses with corner lots, the address is determined by the street with the narrowest frontage.

Addresses for new homes in urban areas 

If you have bought a new home and want to know what your address will be, we recommend that you contact your builder. The Building Department can only help if you know your lot number and street name.

The builder is responsible for erecting the house number.

Green municipal address signs for rural areas

If you live in a rural area, you are responsible for erecting your own sign. Green house number signs are mandatory at the entrance to your property so that emergency vehicles can clearly identify your address from the street. The Town's policy is as follows:

  • All properties outside the urban area, as defined in the Town's Official Plan, require a green municipal address sign adjacent to the property line at the driveway.
  • The owner of the property must pay for and install the sign.
  • The owner of the house is responsible for the maintenance and/or replacement of the sign in case it is damaged.
  • Final inspection approval will not be granted to a rural building under construction until the municipal address number has been properly erected.

Green municipal address signs can be purchased from any sign company as long as they meet the standard for placement of municipal house numbering signs. The cost is approximately $20 to $25. Poles and clamps are also available to purchase at an additional cost.

Town staff will inspect all properties to ensure the house number is visible according to Town standards.

Postal codes

The Town of Essex does not assign postal codes for new homes. To find out your new postal code, contact Canada Post.