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Dangerous Dogs


Animal Control Officer

Don Bridgen 519-563-0003

Owners of dogs should be aware that By-law 1236 provides for the muzzling of dangerous dogs.

The owner of a dog who has been served with a Notice to Muzzle by the Town's By-law Enforcement Officer is responsible for ensuring the following:

  • The dog is restrained within a building or house or in an enclosed pen when on the owner's property; or
  • The dog is securely on a collar-type leash with a maximum length of one metre and is muzzled when it is off the owner's property.

Owners of a dangerous dog must have an insurance policy that provides personal liability insurance in an amount not less the $1,000,000.

If you witness an attack of a person or a pet by another dog, please call the Essex Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police and the Town's Animal Control Officer to report the incident. A witness to an attack means a person who has or claims to have knowledge relevant to the attack and includes the victim of the attack.

Upon reporting an incident, the witness will be required to complete a Declaration Regarding a Dangerous Dog.