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Backflow Prevention Program

Purpose of the Program

To help ensure the delivery of safe and clean drinking water to our residents, the Town of Essex has introduced a program which regulates how property owners connect to the Town's water supply.

Backflow Prevention

Drinking water is delivered through a network of water mains. The Town of Essex’s new Backflow Prevention program will help protect the public by preventing contamination and ensuring the safety of that water.

Protecting drinking water quality is a top priority and the installation of backflow prevention devices can prevent the possible contamination of the Town's drinking water system.

Backflow is the undesired reversal of water flow against normal direction. Backflow occurs as a result of differences in pressure between the private water system and the Town’s water supply system.

Backflow Prevention Devices and Annual Testing

There are several types of devices to address backflow. Most devices must be tested annually to ensure they are operating properly. The Town of Essex requires that only certified contractors test and install backflow prevention devices.

The Contractor will complete the Backflow Prevention Report Form annually and submit it to the town.