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Zoning By-law 1037 governs the use of all lands, buildings and structures in the Town and how a use, building or other structure may be located on a property.

Before a building permit can be issued for proposed changes to property, including additions to an existing building, a parking lot expansion or the construction of a home addition or deck, the Building Department must confirm that the project meets the requirements of the zoning by-law applicable to that use, property, building or structure.

The policies and mandates of the Official Plan are implemented through the general zoning by-law.

From time to time, the Planning Department will ask Council to make changes to the zoning by-law to address legislative changes and to better reflect changes in construction practices, land use demands and community needs.

Re-zoning Applications

Site-specific property changes in land use require approval by Council. Submission of a completed Zoning By-law Amendment Application is required. Consultation with the Town Planner prior to the acceptance of a rezoning application is a prerequisite.

In addition, a prior special public meeting of Council must be held and notice given by newspaper notice or by written notice to adjacent property owners and tenants within 120 metres of the property under consideration. Council is required to hold at least one public meeting no sooner than 20 days after the requirements for the giving of public notice have been complied with. In most cases, the Planning Act provides for public appeal of a zoning by-law change, subject to specific rules of appeal.

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