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Secondary Plans

The Official Plan sets out a series of development guidelines and strategies related to land use throughout the municipality. For a variety of reasons, more detailed guidelines and strategies may be appropriate for specific areas within the Town. For example, mixed use development, notably the development of commercial, industrial, residential and institutional land uses in a large Greenfield area, requires a predetermined plan for the general configuration of main roads, park locations and the placement of commercial, industrial and institutional nodes to assist developers in the laying out of services.

Alternatively, a secondary plan could be a strategic plan or a Community Improvement Plan to stimulate older commercial centres to make them more attractive, active and sustainable for the long term.

Each plan acknowledges the unique character and history of the respective community in a manner that preserves its distinct identity and stimulates pride of place, while recognizing its place within the larger community, the Town of Essex.

Essex Centre Streetscape and Silo District Plan

The development of a downtown improvement plan for Essex Centre is currently underway. The project, undertaken in partnership with the Essex Centre Business Improvement Area, has produced a streetscape plan for the rehabilitation of Talbot Street and some of the intersecting streets from Maidstone to Fairview Avenues. It has also produced a landConcept drawing of Silo District use and guideline landscape plan for the Silo District and the greenway trail that extends through it. The plan sets out a design theme and a phasing and costing plan for the implementation of the various components.

The following concept plans are currently being considered:

Harrow Community Strategic Plan

A community strategic plan has been adopted for Harrow to stimulate urban renewal and community revitalization. The Harrow Community Strategic Plan sets out a series of actions that will benefit the community of Harrow and the Town of Essex in general. The implementation of a Community Improvement Plan for downtown Harrow and the expansion of the Town's website to better assist and inform the public have resulted from this initiative.

Secondary Plan for Colchester

The Town has developed a secondary plan for Colchester. The Colchester Hamlet Guideline Plan has been incorporated into the Official Plan as section 12. It establishes the Main Street, Harbour and Residential Districts and sets out land use and design guidelines for new development in each district.

From public discussion and input, where it was determined that a common aesthetic theme would be desirable, an old English theme was adopted for new development which emulates the heritage character of Colchester, England and builds on the nautical history of Colchester Centre.