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Planning impacts many aspects of our community - the construction of new homes, stores and offices; the creation or improvement of natural areas, parks and trails, recreational facilities and other public spaces; the provision of roads, sidewalks, sewers and waterlines.

The Town of Essex Planning Department provides a broad range of policy planning and land development services. Through an open and inclusive public planning process, the department is committed to enhancing the liveability of the unique communities that comprise the Town of Essex.


The Planning Department is composed of the Town Planner, the Policy Planner and support staff, whose responsibilities include the development and administration of the Town's Official Plan and zoning by-law, as well as the creation of long-range policies and guidelines for a sustainable and prosperous community.

Services are provided in the following five areas:

Public meetings

As part of the planning process, the Planning Department holds public meetings, workshops and information sessions to obtain public input. For information and notices announcing specific public meetings, refer to the Town's Council and Public Meetings Calendar.

Special projects

The Planning Department undertakes several special projects annually. We develop or assist with the development of broad-based community policies for the creation of a sustainable community, built and natural heritage conservation measures, streetscape improvement plans, stimulus plans for new business creation, and other measures to make the Town of Essex a healthy, sustainable and prosperous community for the long term.