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Heritage Plaque Program

 Bronze plaque staked in the ground
Bronze plaque at Tofflemire Snider Cemetery, 872 County Road 50
 Plaque about Essex District High School staked in the ground in front of school building
Aluminum interpretive plaque at Essex District High School, 244 Talbot Street North
 Bronze plaque with sun emblem at the top and description of Essex Railway Station below
 Bronze plaque at the Essex Railway Station, 87 Station Street, Essex Centre

The Town of Essex Heritage Plaque Program is administered in collaboration with the Heritage Committee and is intended to broaden public knowledge surrounding the historical and cultural resources within the municipality.

Significant cultural resources, such as buildings, structures and cemeteries, may be identified by the presence of a bronze or aluminum interpretive plaque that has been designed using colours and logos specific to the Town of Essex.

The bronze plaque identifies those public or private resources that have been formally designated under the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA).

The aluminum interpretive plaque identifies mainly non-designated public resources that would benefit from interpretation.

Owners of a designated property may be eligible for receipt of a bronze plaque. To find out more about the program, its administration and eligibility requirements please refer to the Heritage Plaque Program Guidelines and Site Selection Criteria.

If you would like to recommend a site for a future plaque or believe a property might be eligible for designation under the Ontario Heritage Act, please contact our Planning department or refer to our Heritage Planning page.