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Environmental Planning

The Town of Essex is taking steps to address the environmental changes impacting our community.

Climate change, increasing resource consumption and the rising cost of fossil fuel can take a toll on budget allocations, infrastructure maintenance and other municipal services. Addressing these changes proactively requires a concerted effort and a plan of action.

This will be an ongoing task, as the degrees of change have yet to be determined and experienced. Like other proactive municipalities, the Town of Essex is committed to the management of our resources in sustainable and adaptable ways for the long-term benefit of our residents, businesses and institutions.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

A climate change action plan, one part of a comprehensive Sustainability Master Plan, is intended to transition us into a more sustainable way of managing our human and capital resources and providing community services in a manner that will help us to address the negative impacts of climate change. Find out more about the plan on the following three pages: