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Harrow Community Improvement Plan

A community improvement plan provides municipal funding incentives to property owners to stimulate physical improvements to commercial buildings, new business activities and residential accommodation in the downtown within a defined Project Area, the geographic area to which the plan's program incentives apply. It has a series of programs that offer different financial incentives for specific actions and improvements, with the overall intent of revitalizing the downtown and strengthening the economic base of the community.

Harrow Community Improvement Plan

Through this program, a property or business owner can obtain financial assistance and grants to assist with building facade improvements, second floor conversion of commercial space to dwelling units, dwelling unit rehabilitation, outdoor patio construction, and other measures to enhance a business and the downtown.

Other grants equal to the cost of building permits and other legislated requirements are also available.

Expansion of the Community Improvement Area

Essex Council has expanded the physical boundaries of the Harrow Community Improvement Area to include older industrial and underutilized commercial lands. Incorporation of these lands into the community improvement plan will permit the Town to apply the grants and other incentives of the plan to encourage new and expanded development in these older commercial and industrial areas.

Submit an application

Prior to submitting a Community Improvement Plan Application to the Planning Department, consultation with the Town Planner is required. The funding and grants available for individual projects are approved by Council.