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Town of Essex
2610 County Road 12
Essex, Ontario N8M 2X6
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Sign on metal pole in front of brick wall

In 2015, Essex Council adopted a new Sign By-law that regulates the erection and posting of signs on public and private lands in the municipality.

By-law 1350 recognizes and regulates traditional forms of signage, along with more modern forms of advertising media.

The intent of the by-law is to prevent the proliferation of unregulated signage within our community and to set standards that balance our pride of community with the needs of our businesses and organizations. The by-law seeks to balance the often conflicting goals of maintaining a good community image and allowing businesses and organizations to convey their messages.


Most signs placed on private lands require a sign permit. Permits are not required for yard sale signs or home occupation signs that meet the size limits identified in Section 5 of the By-law.

The by-law prohibits the posting of private signs on public lands without permission from Council. Private signs posted on public land and public utilities, such as street lights and utility poles, can be removed by the By-law Enforcement Officer without giving prior notice.

Businesses, Corporations, Institutions and Organizations

If you are a business, corporation, institution or organization that wants to advertise or identify yourself through signage, the Sign By-law applies to you. Before you order or begin construction of your sign, please contact the Town to discuss your sign and any regulations that will apply.

Sign Companies

If you are a sign contractor, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Sign By-law and permit process so that you can provide accurate information to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult our FAQ page for the answers to common questions related to signs.