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Essex launches new tourism website

Posted on Monday July 24, 2017

The Town of Essex is excited to announce the launch of a new tourism website designed to promote local attractions, accommodations and activities.

TourismEssex.ca aims to inspire visitors to book a stay, attend a festival, or visit a wide selection of attractions and businesses in our community. It does this by, among other things, using vivid photography of local landmarks and providing suggested itineraries.

“Our goal was to highlight the things that make us unique, like our position on the 42nd parallel, and also to showcase the best we have to offer, like our wineries, lakefront, cycling trails, and heritage landmarks,” says Laurie Brett, Manager of Communications. “We’ve been especially careful to describe authentic experiences that a visitor might expect to have while here.”

The site includes a directory profiling businesses and attractions that are targeting tourists and actively maintaining an online presence. The tourism directory currently focuses on wineries, restaurants, attractions, and gift shops, but is expected to expand as more businesses are profiled or become market ready.

“The tourism directory is unlike any other in Essex County,” says Nelson Silveira, Economic Development Officer. “We’ve established a set of standards that tourism-related businesses need to achieve and maintain in order to be included in the directory. Many local businesses, including our wineries, are already well positioned and impressively market ready.”

In the second phase of website development, the Town of Essex will host a series of workshops for businesses that want to become market ready.

In compliance with provincial accessibility legislation, TourismEssex.ca is accessible for people with visual impairments. It is also designed to work on all types of devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones, without losing functionality.

Learn more about Tourism Essex by visiting TourismEssex.ca.