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Town of Essex Encourages Residents to Be Prepared

Posted on Wednesday May 01, 2019

Sunday, May 5 marks the beginning of Emergency Preparedness Week, an annual information campaign which asks residents to review and improve on their ability to prepare to an emergency.

The campaign will include a number of social media posts highlighting a number of different ways which residents can improve their preparedness.

“You never know what can happen during an emergency,” said Essex Fire and Rescue Services Chief Rick Arnel. “Whether it’s a large structure fire, tornado, or flooding, we want our residents to do everything they can to be prepared.”

If an emergency happens in the community, it may take emergency workers some time to reach residents, so they should be prepared to take care of themselves and their family for at least 72 hours. Essex Fire & Rescue Services recommends that residents keep a disaster preparedness kit in their home with enough supplies to meet their needs.

Although the consequences of various disasters can be similar, knowing the risks in our community can help better everyone be better prepared. The Town of Essex faces a number of different hazards such as winter storms, lightning, tornados, and floods.

Residents should keep those hazards in mind as they prepare their Emergency Plan, which outlines what actions they will take in the event of a disaster.

“Making a plan is the first step towards being prepared,” added Chief Arnel. “This can save residents and their families precious moments during a disaster.”

Residents are also encouraged to sign up for the Town’s new Emergency Alert System at www.essex.ca/alerts

For more on emergency preparedness please visit getprepared.gc.ca