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New By-Law Officer to Increase Education and Enforcement

Posted on Wednesday July 31, 2019

The Town of Essex’s new By-law Enforcement Officer, Jake Morassut, will bring a renewed focus on educating the public about local by-laws.

Morassut, who started his position in May of 2019, has been an employee of the Town since 2007, when he joined the Community Services Department. Since 2012 he has held the position of Facility Clerk. Jake was also recently selected as a successful candidate for a probationary Volunteer Firefighter position with Essex Fire and Rescue Services.

During 2019 budget deliberations, Council identified their desire to increase public education and enforcement of local by-laws.

“Jake’s role will be very much on the ground, engaging and educating residents about their responsibilities related to property standards and other municipal by-laws such as fencing, signage, zoning, and snow removal,” said Lori Chadwick, Director, Development Services. “While we take an education-first approach, the additional staff capacity will also ensure we can enforce by-laws and address unsafe or unsightly properties in our community.”

As the first in a series of online features, the Town will highlight the Property Standards By-law (936), which sets minimum standards of maintenance and occupancy for all properties located in the municipality. The by-law outlines minimum standards for building exteriors, lighting, garbage receptacles, grass and vegetation, and more.

By-law Features can be found under the Town’s News and Notices section of the Town website.

Residents and property owners can learn more about local by-laws at www.essex.ca/bylaws. They can also get in touch with the by-law enforcement team by calling 519-776-6476 or via email at bylaw@essex.ca