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By-law Feature #1: Tall Grass

Posted on Thursday August 08, 2019

In this week’s By-law Feature, we’re highlighting the tall grass portion of our Property Standards By-law.

Section 10.1 and 10.2 of the by-law states that owners and occupants “shall keep the grass and/or weeds upon the land trimmed so as not to exceed 20 cm (8 inches) in height.” Tall grass may pose a risk to fire safety, impair visual sight lines, create habitats for mosquitos or rodents, and contributes to neighbourhood blight.

If found to be in contravention of the by-law, owners and occupants may be given a warning, fined, or charged the amount required to bring the property into compliance. Unpaid fines and work order charges can also be added to property tax bills. Inclement weather, such as severe rain and flooding which prevents property owners and occupants from maintaining grass, may be considered in by-law enforcement.

Have a question about property standards or other by-laws? Learn more at www.essex.ca/bylaws or contact our by-law enforcement team at bylaw@essex.ca or 519-776-7336

This article is part of an ongoing series featuring Town of Essex by-laws.