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Town of Essex Seeking Citizens for Committees

Posted on Tuesday November 13, 2018

The Council of the Town of Essex seeks interested citizens to serve on its Committees during the upcoming new term of Council (2018-2022).

Current committees of Council include the following:

  • Accessibility Advisory
  • Arts, Culture, and Tourism
  • Co-An Park Advisory Committee
  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Communities In Bloom
  • Essex Business Improvement Area (B.I.A.)
  • ELK Energy Board
  • Essex Fun Fest
  • Municipal Heritage
  • Police Services Board
  • Property Standards

In order to serve on a Committee any interested citizen may send a letter or other correspondence expressing their interest in joining and serving on the particular committee along with a brief outline of their qualifications to the Town Clerk.

Following receipt the Clerk will review and make a recommendation to the 2018-2022 Town Council at an upcoming council meeting. Town Council will then consider and vote on your appointment to the Committee at this meeting. After confirmation of your appointment, the Clerk will inform you and the Committee. The term of the Committee shall be for up to four years and generally ends at the conclusion of Council’s current term.

Committee members will be provided with a copy of the Town of Essex Local Boards/Committees Procedures and Best Practices Manual and will be expected to adhere to those procedures and best practices outlined therein.

In general Committee members are expected to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the mandate and/or terms of reference of the Board/committee
  • Strive to attend all scheduled meetings and advise in advance when unable to attend
  • Prepare for meetings by reading agendas and any background information supplied
  • Actively participate in the discussion and decision making process
  • Undertake any work assigned, including special projects and research, between meetings
  • Be open-minded and allow for a variety of opinions to be heard; focus on the issue being discussed
  • Respect the individual worth and dignity of other members and staff and maintain a high degree of professionalism
  • Ask questions and seek clarification through the staff, the Council liaison or Chair
  • Respect the role of and responsibility of the Chair
  • Respect that actions taken and recommendations shall reflect the majority view of the board/committee
  • Clearly identify any items of pecuniary interest before they are discussed and refrain from discussing and voting on such issues
  • Maintain confidentiality when necessary
  • Allow fellow committee members to speak without interruption
  • Direct all comments and questions through the Chair

Persons interested in serving on one or more of the above Committees should submit their names in writing, along with a brief outline of their qualifications to the Town Clerk no later than Friday, December 7, 2018.

Robert W Auger
Town Solicitor/Clerk
Town of Essex
33 Talbot Street South
Essex, Ontario, N8M 1A8
Email: rauger@essex.ca
Fax: 519-776-8811

Interested citizens can also fill out an online form at www.essex.ca/CommitteeApp