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Town of Essex Reaches Four Year Deal with Firefighters

Posted on Monday February 05, 2018

At their Regular Meeting on Monday, February 5, Council finalized a four year agreement between the Town of Essex and local firefighters.

The deal is the product of negotiations between administration and representatives of firefighters from the three Town of Essex fire stations.

The agreement lays out wages and benefits, uniform allowances, reimbursement for medicals and license renewals associated with DZ licenses, and describes the new probationary firefighter program which replaces the former auxiliary firefighter program. The four year agreement is retroactive to December 1, 2017 and extends to November 30, 2021).

“This agreement is a positive step forward for both the Town and our firefighters,” says Donna Hunter, Chief Administrative Officer. “Both Council and administration recognize the important role our firefighters play in protecting our residents and we’re glad to reach an agreement for the next four years.”

Glenn Gorick, who has served as a firefighter at Station 3 for close to 30 years, was part of the firefighters’ negotiating team, along with Brandon Chartier and Gary Armstrong from Station 1, Mark Bosse and Justin Pulleyblank from Station 2, and Rick Balind from Station 3.

“The firefighters are pleased with the agreement reached with the town. We would like to commend the Essex Fire and Rescue Management team along with Town of Essex staff for their professionalism in helping us craft a responsible settlement for all parties,” Gorick says.

Essex Fire and Rescue employs 60 firefighters, who serve on an on-call basis. The department’s work is centred on the three pillars of fire safety: public education, inspection and enforcement, and emergency response.

Click the attachment to view the full agreement.