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Notice of Passing: Official Plan Amendment Number 6

Posted on Thursday May 18, 2017

Notice of Passing

The Corporation of the Town of Essex By-Law Number 1597
Being a By-Law to Adopt Official Plan Amendment Number 6
to the Town of Essex Official Plan

Whereas the Town of Essex Official Plan contains goals, objectives and policies to provide guidance for the development of lands within the Town of Essex;

And whereas the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Essex deems it expedient and in the best interest of proper planning to amend the Town of Essex Official Plan;

And whereas this amendment conforms to the County of Essex Official Plan and the Provincial Policy Statement;

Now therefore the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Essex, in accordance with the provisions of Section 21 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 2005, hereby enacts as follows:

1. Amendment Number 6 to the Official Plan for the Town of Essex, consisting of the attached text and schedules, comprising Part B, is hereby adopted;

2. That the Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to make application to the County of Essex for approval of Amendment Number 6 to the Official Plan for the Town of Essex;

3. This by-law shall come into force and take effect on the day of final passing thereof.

Read a first and second time and provisionally adopted this 1st day of May, 2017

Signed by the Mayor

Signed by the Clerk

Read a third time and finally passed this 15th day of May, 2017.

Signed by the Mayor

Signed by the Clerk

 Form 1
The Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990

Notice of Adoption of an Amendment to the Official Plan
by The Corporation of the Town of Essex

Take Notice that the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Essex has passed By-law Number 1597 on the 15th day of May, 2017 under Section 17 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990 to adopt an amendment to the Official Plan.

And Take Notice that only individuals, corporations and public bodies will be entitled to receive notice of the decision of the approval authority, being the County of Essex, pertaining to the Official Plan amendment, if a written request to be notified of the decision is made to the approval authority.  If you wish to be notified of the decision, you must make a written request to the Corporation of the County of Essex, attention Mr. William King, Manager of Planning Services, 360 Fairview Avenue West, Essex, ON, N8M 1Y6, telephone (519) 776-6441.

An explanation of the purpose and effect of the by-law, describing the lands to which the by-law applies are attached.  The complete by-law including the full version of Official Plan Amendment 6 to the Town of Essex Official Plan and any associated information are available in the Town of Essex Town Hall, 33 Talbot Street South, during regular office hours.  Please contact Jeff Watson, Policy Planner, for further information.

Dated at the Town of Essex this 17th day of May 2017.

Robert Auger, Clerk
Town of Essex
33 Talbot Street South
Essex, Ontario  N8M1A8
Telephone: (519) 776-7336

Explanatory Note 

The purpose of the By-law 1597is to adopt Official Plan Amendment 6 which introduces new and revised policies to the Town of Essex Official Plan in regard to land use guidelines, objectives and policies for the development of all lands within the limits of the Town.

The Province of Ontario requires that all municipalities have an Official Plan to guide new development and ensure that matters of Provincial and County interest are recognized and respected. The purpose of this by-law is to add or revise policy provisions in the Official Plan to bring it into conformity with the current County of Essex Official Plan and Provincial policies.

While there are a number of minor revisions proposed throughout the plan, the key amendments can generally be described as follows:

1. In Section 4, General Development Policies, a new subsection, A Sense of Place, would be added. It states:

“Many factors contribute to making our Town an attractive, unique and welcoming place. Practising good urban design, valuing our agricultural economy and rural communities, preserving and enhancing our cultural and natural heritage, identifying with our past and encouraging physical forms of development that positively influence the quality of our community and the welfare of our residents, in a resilient and sustainable manner, build our sense of community and sense of place.”

In order to achieve this, it sets out land use goals for our urban places and rural landscapes and the means by which we can maintain a resilient and sustainable community.

Under 4.6, Visual Amenity, it recognizes the importance of protecting our cultural heritage landscapes and vistas.

2. In Subsection 5.18, Lands designated “Community Service Facility”, provision is made for the re-use of institutional buildings and lands for purposes other than those set out in the Community Service Facility designation without the need of an Official Plan Amendment (OPA). Only a rezoning would be required, subject to conformity with the conditions set out in this subsection related to re-use and conversion. For example a school site could be rezoned to a residential zoning category without the necessity of a concurrent OPA.

3. In Subsections 6.3, Plans of Subdivision, 8.5, Sanitary Sewage Collection and Treatment, and 8.6, Stormwater Management, new policies have been added to help implement the Town’s new storm water management standards and hydraulic modeling and to encourage the use of green technologies and infrastructure, according to the most recent provincial mandates.

4. In Subsection 8.7, Ground Water and Source Water Protection, policies to protect drinking water intakes, highly vulnerable aquifers and significant groundwater recharge areas from contamination are introduced in accordance with our commitment under the Clean Water Act.

5. In Subsection 8.8, Transportation Network, policies regarding the development of “complete streets”, streets and rights of way that service a wide variety of users in a safe, convenient and affordable manner are added. It also recognizes the active transportation initiatives of the Town and, in its partnership with the County and other agencies, under the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS).

6. New mapping related to Source Water Protection, our road system and active transportation network are added.

7. Three properties in Essex Centre are proposed to be re-designated from Agricultural and Restricted Commercial to Light Manufacturing. Two of the properties are located on the south side of County Road 8, west of Highway 3. They are incorporated into the Essex Centre Settlement Area, expanded by this amendment, and are identified for industrial use, subject to rezoning to an industrial zoning district. The third parcel is located parallel to Highway 3 on South Talbot Road south of Maidstone Avenue. This restricted commercial corridor is suitable for light industrial uses subject to rezoning to an appropriate industrial zoning category.

This Official Plan Amendment requires the approval of the County of Essex as the approval authority and it comes into effect upon that approval at the end of the public review and appeal period and approval of this Official Plan Amendment by the Manager of Planning Services for the County of Essex.

For a copy of By-law 1597 and more information concerning the by-law, contact Jeff Watson, Policy Planner, Town of Essex, telephone 519-776-7336x1116 or jwatson@essex.ca

Key Map

A key map showing the location of the lands affected by these general revisions to the Official Plan is not included as the Official Plan Amendment 6 applies to the entire Town of Essex.

However, the specific lands proposed to be re-designated to Industrial, noted in Item 7 above, are shown on the Key Map attached.