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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) is provincial legislation that establishes s a right of access to information held by municipal governments.

MFIPPA also governs the collection, retention, use, disclosure and disposal of all corporate records regardless of medium (i.e. paper, electronic, video, etc.).

The Manager of Legislative Services (Clerk) is the Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator for the Town of Essex and is responsible for receiving and processing access requests of behalf of the municipality, as well as ensuring that the privacy requirements of the Act are met.

How to Request Municipal Information

The Town of Essex currently has an open disclosure practice and endeavours to provide as much information as possible without the necessity of submitting a formal request under the Act.

Persons wishing to access records held by the Town of Essex should first contact the department that holds the records and request the information before making a formal request under the Act.

If a formal request is required, the request must be in writing and submitted to the Manager of Legislative Services (Clerk).


A $5 application fee applies to each request.

Right to Appeal

A requester has the right to appeal any decision made by the Town about access to records or personal information. Appeals are filed with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

For additional information, visit the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s website.