Essex Festival Committee

Boy on carnival ride waving his hand

Essex Fun Fest - 2015

This year's Essex Fun Fest will take place from July 10 to 12 and will offer something for everyone.

Vendors and volunteers are needed.

Essex Fun Fest Parade Application

The Essex Fun Fest Parade is a judged competition, with awards in both commercial and non-commercial categories. The theme of this annual parade is selected by the Fun Fest Committee several months in advance of the event. This year's theme has yet to be announced. There is no cost to participate in the parade and all entries are accepted.

Schedule of Events

This year's schedule of events is ambitious. Find out more about this year's festival weekend on the new Essex Fun Fest website!

What does the Festival Committee do?

The Essex Festival Committee is responsible for organizing events as part of the Essex Fun Fest, including the parade, midway, vendor booths, and entertainment. Other responsibilities include advertising, promotion and security.

The Essex Fun Fest takes place on the second full weekend of July and runs from Friday to Sunday.

The Fun Fest does not get municipal funding directly. It is expected to be self-funding through revenues. The Corporate Services Department appoints a staff member to act as Treasurer for the Festival Committee to ensure that expenditures are approved in accordance with the annual budget and the procurement by-law.

One Council member and up to 14 members from the public are appointed to serve on this committee. The use of an Executive Committee structure by the Festival Committee is authorized, provided that minutes are kept of Executive Committee meetings and forwarded to the full committee for approval at the earliest opportunity.

Meeting schedule

Contact the Essex Festival Committee to find out more about how you can get involved.